Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Posting my list

Goodmorning Girls,
I am posting my list as far as I can at this point, I have ordered 2 books from Amazon and they have not arrived one is called Little Cosies and the other Little Presents so until they arrive and I see more goodies to make my list will be incomplete.Because work was so busy yesterday and I did not finish till late I have not yet managed to get the side bar done etc so I am sorry I will perhaps get a chance today.

So here is my to do list so far.

Christmas lemon cordial and Tuti Fruiti Cordial.
A pillow bag for Michael.

6 pairs of boxer shorts for the grandchildren(had half made 6 pairs last week when a friend realised the pattern she gave me was wrong!! lesson never borrow a pattern use the one I was going to,fabrics not wasted my friend and I salvaged them for her very small grandchildren ,lol)

6 pillow cases for the grandchildren with names embroidered and embellishments.( maybe one each for the parents if time allows lol)

2 peg bags as featured in the Woman Day some weeks ago

Hand towels with suffolk puff flower pots for friends.

2 larger draw string bags for Alex and Michael for the beach with board wax and sunscreen to be carried in and a towel.

4 smaller ones for the boys to take their caps and sunscreen in and whatever else they need to the beach.

1 outfit for George out of the scateboard fabric I bought for the boys bags(George is a girl but after thinking he was a boy for over 3 years I cannot see George in roses lol).

2 Christmas outfits for George the cockatoo.

A Xmas swap pressie

A summer swap pressie.
List to be added to..some started...


  1. List listed!!! Could be a few more things to add, but it is a good start.
    Good luck girls

  2. Wow that's a big list. I can see you've put alot of thought into it. I think the kids will love the pillowcases!

  3. oooh that boxer short pattern false start must have been annoying! Wow, what a long list!