Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week One!!

Hi Ladies

I am having a slow start maybe it is because I am doing a lot of of hand sewing with beading (my Christmas cards) but I am enjoying the challenge.  The first project was the quilted  Christmas bib for my beautiful granddaughter which was instant gratification!!  Have also enclosed a photo of the Ginger Bread House tree decoration I made for my 3 and a half  year old granddaughter which I made before the challenge started.

Then I started on the snowflake design Christmas Cards - not a very clear photo but I have added gold thread and beads inside the snow flakes which looks great.

I have sewn 4 and I have another 4 to to be done.  These are for my Kiwi and Aussie friends and cousins I am afraid our English friends and relatives will be getting bought cards.

Now to start on the second week where I am hoping to be a little faster............



  1. Love the quilted bib and that Ginger Bread House ornament is so sweet.

  2. cute! love the gingerbread house ornament :D

  3. well done,lovely projects

  4. How gorgeous are they...well done...

  5. I love the ginger bread house - very cute!
    And how patient are you sewing beads onto your cards!

  6. Love the deco and bib, cards are gorgeous too. Well done

  7. You have made some really pretty things, which I am sure will be much appreciated. There is nothing like hand sewing - it does produce such lovely results.

    Pomona x