Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pomona's second week efforts

Phew! Made it on Tuesday this week - the discipline is doing me good. The scarf is only half way, but I have had a big flurry and made a batch of little wallet purses - the whole story and pictures are on my blog today, but here is a little peek.

Credits: pattern is from here at Keyka Lou (Basic Wallet), and  fabric from Tanya Whelan Grand Revival Ava Rose range, and Annie's Farm Stand by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Dry Goods.

I think I need to speed up the pace a bit though - but I have quite a lot of work come in (I am a freelance editor) so that has been keeping me busy!


  1. Lovely purses,work has to take top priority and you will get your list done so no panic yet lol..