Monday, November 21, 2011

Carole's Week 3

This week has been slow sewing wise but I have completed some of my cooking  challenge.
It is the tradition in our family that the eldest has to do the Christmas pudding and the next generation cannot take over until the elder can no longer manage.
This year Mum found it really hard to stir the pudding once it was all together,and as we were the only ones in the house just the two of us stirred it, we also have the rule that everyone present stirs the pudding.
So here are our pics..91(almost)years young as we made 2 puddings and 2 Christmas cakes.

 My Mum Joyce,we have the money soaking(we have used the same coins for all time as far back as I can remember),in our pudding,when you get a coin you pick a surprise from a basket and place the coin in the

centre of the table.  

 Mum getting the baking paper ready for the bottom of the pudding steamer,one cake almost ready to go  into the oven.
 Two lots of fruit on the boil,one Pineapple fruit cake mix and the other a traditional fruit mix.
 Looks good enough to eat, it actually looks a bit brown here but it was not burnt lol.
One pudding out another ready to go on.....we used to do the cloth ones but 3 years ago Mum found that our summers are so humid we had a mould problem so we do it is a steamer now...I was blessed this year,I got to stir and do most of the making,it is sad at the same time as it means Mums time of making them is close to an end and that makes me sad.
Well that's the main cooking done until the week leading up to Christmas when I do the mini puddings etc.
Back to sewing now and I have some little bags to make for the boys,copying one of the other blogs ideas and a pillow bag for Stephen as he is the only family member I have not made one for.
Hopefully they will be ready for next week..we will see lol


  1. What a lovely tradition and your mum is doing a marvellous job

  2. What a fantastic tradition, the best part about Christmas pud was getting a silver coin and then going out to the shop to spend it!!! I wish I had the foresight to have kept the silver coins.

  3. Wow that is such an awesome tradition! Your mum is did a fabulous job.

  4. How lovely to do these things together - a really great post. Your mum is amazing!

    Pomona x

  5. I really love that you took these photographs of her. I think I need to take some of my mum when I next see her.