Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week One: Slacker Jones's List

Oh dear, its already the 2nd Nov and I still have yet to plan what I'm going to make for Christmas gifts this year....

For friends where no postage is necessary I'm thinking:

  • funky wreaths made of book pages (note to self order those darn bases online!!)
  • lemon butter (is this going to be too labour intensive?? and can I be bothered to sterilize jars and seal with wax?)
  • honeycomb toffee, russian fudge or almond biscotti
Does food count as handmade??

For the new babies in the family overseas:
  • a baby quilt - one boy and one girl one
For the little niece abroad:
  • I'm thinking a little dress or cute market skirt a la Made and maybe a coin purse.
Apart from that, I'll be trawling your posts for other amazing ideas and I'll keep you updated!

Happy crafting,
Slacker Jones


  1. I think food is definitely handmade! And lemon butter sounds delicious - you could make pretty lids from circles of scrap fabric fastened with an elastic band and scrap ribbon. I do this for jam and chutney - these lids are so quick to do but they make it look like a very special present!

    Pomona x

  2. Lemon butter sounds yummy. I wish I could make cookies for family members but they just wont keep long enough to post them :(

  3. absolutely - I will be baking for family. Yum lemon butter - wouldn't last long in any of the homes I know so there wouldn't be a need to seal! Russian Fudge mmmm I think my Mum would be more than happy if that was all I gave her for Xmas!

  4. These sound yummy..and I am sure super delish!