Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week Two, Wahoooo Sandra

Well so far so good, I am charging along, adding things to what was quite a small list LOL
So lets have a look at how I have done this week:

2 Covered notebook made with bind it all for Dad,

4 Altered paper mache letters (I ended up getting wooden ones) spelling out something Christmassy6 Altered CD Case made into a Calender

7 Decorated pillow boxes for the Dr's gift baskets at work (they just need filling now)

I have also made some christmas cards, only a few need to organise some more.
So my list currently looks like this

1 Card writing compendium DONE
2 Covered notebook done with my Bind-it-all DONE
3 Christmas table runner (My first go at patchwork in 16 years eeeekkk) DONE
4 Altered papermache letters spelling out something christmassy eg NOEL DONE
5 Christmas cake, fruit has been soaking in Sherry and Peach Schnapes for ummm a good couple of weeks LOL DONE
6 Altered CD cases turned into Calenders DONE, ALTHOUGH MAY DO ANOTHER
7 Pillow boxes for the Dr's gift baskets at work DONE
8 Altered tins for gift cards

And adding to the list, Giftie for a friend. We decided since we seem to have missed out on pressie swaps we will do our own!!!

**WEEK 2 ADD, Christmas cards,
Alter a jar and fill with yummies for Dad

Righto, must go and enjoy the rest of my day off work
Happy Christmas crafting to you all


  1. wow, loving your scrapbooking gifty things - especially the JOY decoration. Beautiful!

  2. Well done - you are zooming through the list and adding more as you go. Everything looks great.

  3. Love the altered CD case calender.