Monday, November 28, 2011

A Couple of things..Carole

The naughty thing about this challenge is you see other peoples great ideas,go off track and just have to make them,I have found that several times...the latest was a blog about boys little bags ,as I had made some for our girls I thought these were great so I made 4 for our boys, I put boys things in them like bubble bath and a hair product as brush etc and thought afterwards they could sit them on their bedside tables to hold their DS's and ipods ,earphones etc.
I have also put together and wrapped the volunteers gifts so they look nice and made yet another pudding!Mum decided that her baby brother 85 and almost blind and his sweet wife talked of missing being able to make one so it will go in the post today.
This week I have to make 2 pillow bags one for daughter and one for her thats this week,work is getting so hectic I barely have tome to scratch,but the machine is all set up and each time I have a few moments I will be at it! lol.

                                                            Volunteers little pressies
                                                      It's a wrap all done,another job finished.....
The boys bags,the big boys have soldier fabric as the lining and the little ones have pirate skull theme as the both adore Jack Sparrow!.


  1. carole those gifts lok fantastic in their pretty tin,and those boys bags what a great idea.

  2. your energy is boundless! Love those little bags!