Friday, November 4, 2011

Stacey's Christmas List

I feel like I'm missing out on the action around here. It's so neat to see what everyone is up to, and all the comments for everyone. So I thought I would add my list. I have my in laws staying this weekend, so have had to pack away all my sewing. I wont be able to get started until Sunday night. 

My Christmas Challenge List:  

10 x Shopping Bags
14 x Tissue Holders
1 x Shabby Chic Cushion
4 x Christmas Tea Towels
2 x Frilly washing up gloves 
7 x Peg Pinny Aprons 
2x Quilt (from scratch)
3 x Quilt (finish off)
4 x Dress / Tops (undecided exactly what to make) 
I plan to add a few more things when I decide what they are! 


  1. lots of lovely things there to make,love that apron,good luck.

  2. Whew and I thought my list was long lol.

  3. Quite a challenging list! I love the peg pinny!

    Pomona x