Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Round up {Stephanie from Toastie studio}

Well today was my deadline as I had to get all my gifts in the post so they will arrive with my family in time.
Now the big question, did I complete everything on my Christmas sewing list?

This weekend was crazy, but I managed it! Here is a round up of everything I made.
1 Sponge Bob cushion

1 Gruffallo cushion

2 Christmas stockings, filled with sweets

2 Fabric storage baskets filled with sweets

1 Baby quilt for a soon to arrive niece

6 shopping bag holders in different colours for family members

And now it is all wrapped up and in the post to my family in time for Christmas. I can have a little relax now until I start my Christmas Tutorial Advent Calendar...


  1. Stephanie well done with your finishes,love the spongebob cushion

  2. Well done! Those cushions are just awesome.

  3. Well done,everything looks just wonderful,you should be very proud of yourself.

  4. wowee, well done! Such a lot finished and posted!