Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week Three Update { Stacey }

 14 x Tissue Holders
 4 x Christmas Tea towels
  7 x Shopping Bags

My Christmas Challenge List:  

14 x Tissue Holders - Done 
4 x Christmas Tea Towels - Done 
10 x Shopping Bags - Three bags to go 
2 x Quilt (from scratch) - One top done 
3 x Quilt (finish off) - Two ready for binding
1 x Shabby Chic Cushion - Not started 
2 x Frilly washing up gloves - Not started 
7 x Peg Pinny Aprons  - Not started 
4 x Dress / Tops - Not started

Oh boy I have tried so hard to get lots done, but it looks pretty pathetic when I look at my original list! I think a lot of things on my list are not going to happen. I have also been busy sewing up kids clothes for markets and I am absolutely shattered. One week left of November - come on guys lets make it count! I'm feeling inspired to go right now and get something else off my list! 


  1. Wonderful,great work,whew you made me tired just looking.

  2. Hardly pathetic that lot looks great!! My efforts are so slow it's ridiculous. I have had two sessions so far just cutting the bike basket fabric and really that's as far as I've got. Having a "stitch 'n' bitch" session with a friend or two tonight so I hope that I can have something to show off soon.

  3. You should be very pleased with what you have achieved so far.

  4. Everything looks great! Well done.

  5. Um, so you're disappointed to have 'only' made 25 items are you? You are a machine girl! You are just cranking them out!

  6. I think that you have done amazingly well! And it's not even December yet.

    Pomona x