Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week one status, Sandra

Well what a week, busy busy busy. Usual home stuff, along with a day of scrapbook classes and stripping the wallpaper from a bedroom at 7pm until 11pm eeekk

Anyway onto the list, as you will recall it wasn't a huge list (and I have already added to it) but it was one that I want to complete. So here we go:

Number one on my list was a card/ writing compendium for Mum, DONE

Number three on my list was a patchwork table runner for the Christmas table , OMG DONE and we very little cursing and swearing LOL

Number five on the list CHRISTMAS CAKE, DONE gosh I wish I had smell-o-computer mmmmmmm, and I gave it a lovely long drink of MORE Peach Schnapes after it came out of the oven LOL

So the list as it stands now:
1 Card writing compendium DONE
2 Covered notebook done with my Bind-it-all
3 Christmas table runner (My first go at patchwork in 16 years eeeekkk) DONE
4 Altered papermache letters spelling out something christmassy eg NOEL
5 Christmas cake, fruit has been soaking in Sherry and Peach Schnapes for ummm a good couple of weeks LOL DONE
6 Altered CD cases turned into Calenders
7 Pillow boxes for the Dr's gift baskets at work
8 Altered tins for gift cards

And adding to the list, Giftie for a friend. We decided since we seem to have missed out on pressie swaps we will do our own!!!

Roll on Week 2, and lets see how well I do


  1. well done Sandra you had a good week

  2. mmm Xmas cake - we are too lazy to make so we always buy! Good to see things getting crossed off the list

  3. great work,it is a great looking cake.

  4. Oh my goodness you are ripping through your list - good work! Your mum is going to love that letter set!

  5. You're off to a great start. Well done.

  6. You have done amazingly well! You put me quite to shame!

    Pomona x