Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Christmas Challenge List} :: Kylie

Where on earth has the year gone???
We are now 5 weeks from moving.  Have I started any Christmas preparations??? NO
Have I started packing??? NO
I have alot to do in the next few weeks.

Thanks Stacey for this great idea.  Lets hope that I can manage to get a few things made.
My aim is not to buy anything new for my Christmas makings.  I have so plenty of fabric sitting around that I really don't need to walk into a fabric store.

So, here goes nothing.  Let's see how I go.  I really wanted to make a start on it this week, but we are all down and out with the flu and sewing and concentrating are really the last thing on my mind.

The List of Christmas Crafting 2011

2 x crochet topped tea towels - Grand Mothers
3 x Flower Pins (Maybe a few more, think that these would make a good little gift to have on hand

5 x Art Journals that will be more of a writing set for Amelia to give to her friends

3 x PJ's and T-shirts for the boys
2 x dresses for the girls
1 x circle dress
1 x skirt and top
Hair Bow Holder - or something similar (all of the hair ties and bows are doing my head in)
3 x bags with personalised note on printed fabric inside

2 x crochet purses - Amelia;s year 5 buddies

That should keep me busy.  Now off to get started. Looking forward to seeing how everyone progresses and seeing what everyone else makes and of course getting too many ideas for next year.
All photos are from pinterest.  If they don't link to the page I will come back and link to the original blog or idea.


  1. I think it is a good idea to try to have a few things in stock - this is part of my plan for the coming year! I really like the art journal - a really good idea for a present.

    Pomona x

  2. I looked at your pic frame with the clips and hairbands,what a wonderful idea!I have just given the grand daughters heaps of them and am making some clips for Christmas,I would love to do both girls one of these,,time..time..time lol

  3. Love those art journals! I think I may need to amend my list a bit!

  4. great ideas!! thanks for the reminder about prep buddies!! need to pop that on my list.
    And I soooo need some things put away to have on hand!