Wednesday, November 30, 2011


                                 Deadline Met!!!!Never thought it would happen.....

 These were no on my original list,I had not realised I had never made our Kate a pillow bag so I have done one for her, I would loved to have put more work into it but it is as good as I could do with the time.I think she will love this.
 Stephen our son in law's pillow bag,it will probably never be used but I wanted him to have the same as all the other members of the family.
And yet another cake!!!!!!!! I saw this recipe and made it for our treasures girls Christmas party,It smells great,but I think I was a bit generous with the nuts lol....

I have loved this challenge and it really kept me on track,I hope we do it next year.Although I ended up doing much more than planned I am thrilled that I have finished,cleaned up my sewing area, and packed everything away ready for a busy month at work and now stress free.
I just have my parcels to post off tomorrow and my overseas cards,and my Christmas cards to write out,I can do this in the evenings.
I can't wait to see some of the great things finished,I thank those girls with fabulous ideas that sent me off track making more than I had planned! I think you are all wonderful.

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  1. well done Carole you did it,boy you have been busy,pressure off now.