Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My List Updated

Christmas lemon cordial and Tuti Fruiti Cordial.(done)
A pillow bag for Michael.(done)

6 pairs of boxer shorts for the grandchildren(had half made 6 pairs last week when a friend realised the pattern she gave me was wrong!! lesson never borrow a pattern use the one I was going to,fabrics not wasted my friend and I salvaged them for her very small grandchildren ,lol)(done 10 pairs)

6 pillow cases for the grandchildren with names embroidered and embellishments.( maybe one each for the parents if time allows lol)(childrens done)

2 peg bags as featured in the Woman Day some weeks ago(made 6 all together 4 to help a friend having a stall)

Hand towels with suffolk puff flower pots for friends.(done 6)

2 larger draw string bags for Alex and Michael for the beach with board wax and sunscreen to be carried in and a towel.(done made 3 one for Stephen too,although he will probably never use it he will not be left out.)

4 smaller ones for the boys to take their caps and sunscreen in and whatever else they need to the beach.(done, made one ech for the little girls and the 2 mummies too)

1 outfit for George out of the scateboard fabric I bought for the boys bags(George is a girl but after thinking he was a boy for over 3 years I cannot see George in roses lol).(done)

2 Christmas outfits for George the cockatoo.(done)

A Xmas swap pressie(done) and posted.

Also done are 3 Christmas puddings now( we did another one yesterday so after Christmas the families can take half home each as great Nana pudd is so delish)
2 Christmas cakes.

        New List of What has to be done.

Wrap together 14 gifts for our Treasures Volunteers,I have purchased their thank you gifts have to do them up now.

Put together 5 friends gifts into the lovely little bucket things I bought.

put together the childrens surf sets and the little girls bags.

make the boys a camaflage bag for the 4 boys( saw these on another Christmas challenge blog,got the fabric,it is a wonderful idea I have to look back through and see where I stole it from lol.
make Stephen a pillow bag  as he is the only one without one now.

Send off my summer swap parcel.
It gets very stressful when we write it down but at the same time so satisfying to have it finished and cross them off.


  1. Well done on all your finishes!

  2. boy Carole you have made a big dent in your list to do,well done on your finishes

  3. goodness me! What a huge list of what you've already done and what a huge list of what you've still got planned! I'm in awe.

  4. Gee you are one productive woman! Where do you get all your energy from?

  5. There is nothing like ticking off items on a list - very satisfying!

    Pomona x