Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Challenge Update (leonie)

So here I am, a week late on my Christmas Challenge update...sigh. But I have been plodding along with my crafting.

We did a photo shoot with the kids to do this year's Christmas card... this is our final one....
But I couldn't resist sharing the out takes... because cooperation was apparently not to be had!

No guessing who are the little monkeys in our house!! Miss K just patiently sat holding the sign while the other two acted the goat!


  1. Thank goodness for big sisters,how lovely are those kids.

  2. The photos reminded me of school class photos there was always one child that pulled a funny face or poked their tongue out!!

  3. haha boys never co-operate for photos, do they? love your choice

  4. I think they are so funny - maybe you could do a calendar as well!

    Pomona x

  5. So cute!
    Well done getting a photo done. What a mission. I have three too, and its so hard to get a nice photo of all three at the same time.