Monday, November 28, 2011

Pomona's week 3 - oh dear!

I know I am very late reporting in, but put it down to circumstances beyond my control. My hand has given up the ghost and so I am having to retire injured from the handmade fray.

There is more about my disasters here, but all is not lost. There are lots of lovely crafters out there with jolly nice shops, and so rather than resort to present buying from global corporations who can do without my custom, I am going to buy handmade instead.

And there's always next year, is there not?


  1. O'h Pamona I am sorry this has know I have I am told by all and sundry that I have obsessive compulsive disorder( not really they are all just mad)when I make something I seem to have to make 6! but I have several small handmades left over, I am wondering where you live and maybe I could post,you a couple of things to help out.If you email me with your details I can email you with what I have ,honestly they are just going to sit in my cupboard or give them away to someone email is Look after yourself and I hope someone is there that can help you out.

  2. oooh you poor thing! Still, lots of lovely browsing to do on Etsy and MadeIt!