Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week Three - Oriel

Hi all, well I am slowing crossing off finished items on my list - I feel that I have left the hardest till last but I will get there!!

This week I finished 14 Xmas Coasters.  I would love to make a table runner to go with them but this is on my list to do last - if I have time!  See photo below - I have made four different designs using different material combinations but have stayed with red as I am having a red and gold theme this year with a few green items.

I have also finished my cross stitched and beaded cards - have only made 8 as I will be using purchased cards for my UK family and friends.

Now this coming week I will be concentrating on finishing my Heirloom Christmas Tree which is all hand embroidery so will most probably be the only thing I will be working on this week.  I may try and do some of the felt carpenter tools for my grandson to give me some variety.

Enjoy the coming week and I look forward to seeing what everyone has done towards their Christmas Challenge.

Happy crafting and cooking!



  1. The coasters are really festive - and the cards will be lovely to receive, too - the handwork makes them special.

    Pomona x