Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Carole's update week 2 (A Blessed Life)

No Idea how I did this ..made it a movie..anyhoo thats me all upside down lol

I had a big week work wise and was away at the weekend babysitting so not so much done,it looks a lot but all simple things....

I realised I had not done the Mummies a surf bag and that one daddy although will never use his may feel left out so I did him one,then I realised that the little boys have the same colour so decided to put an iron on name tag on all the bags so when they are hanging on the laundry peg they can see theirs and grab it.

I made the little underwear drawer scented bags for pressies, these are Rose and Ylang Ylang scented, I will make more and pack a large and small in pretty wrap together.
                                                                              Heat Bags
The bags I needed to make,and the names placed on them......
$ more peg bags, these are lovely to make and I will do some more.

Then I have done 3 heat bags and they are Lavender scented..

I have to find my original blog now to check my list, I have some other small things to make and will add a new list when I see what I have missed as you know my deadline is so much earlier I have just 2 weeks really.


  1. Wow you've been busy again.
    I love those little peg bags.

  2. well done Carole ,lots of beautiful gifts ther.

  3. I'm with Stacey - those peg bags are adorable!