Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Tree

Well my Christmas Tree is finally finished and is on display for all to see, all we need now is to wait for Santa to arrive!!!  with our little 3 and a half year old granddaughter staying with us you can imagine the excitement and we hope she can last till the 25th......  I have enjoyed the Christmas Challenge although I haven't been able to finish all my projects but it has been great.  Enjoy your Christmas with family and friends.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tilda Doll ( Shez )

I am on track with all my stitching so i made my grand-daughter a tilda doll,i quite enjoyed making it as i dont usually made dolls,i love her flowered sandels.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
cheers shez

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I finished my 6 laundry bags ( Shez )

I have finally finished 6 laundry bags for the grandchildren for christmas .
I used a Natalie Ross Pattern my little laundry helpers.
All wrapped in cellephane bags ready to be wrapped in xmas paper.
cheers shez

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 4 Update: Stephanie of Sewing By Stephanie

Sadly this is another update sans photos.  I've been so busy sewing I just haven't taken the time to stop and take any.  My plan is to take all my photos at once once everything is made.  We'll see how that one works out.

In the past two weeks (since I missed updating last week) I:
-finished the quilt top on the quilt for my sister, sandwiched it, and have hand quilted 6 of the 16 blocks.
-made the last 4 sewing kits on my list, all I need to do is sew down the binding
-finished my skirt from the sew-a-long
-made 6 felt coffee cuffs
-cut fabric for 5 custom dolls, which I'm in the process of assembling

I've also fallen behind on the quilt blocks for the 12 Days of Christmas Quilt along.  I've only completed the first 8 blocks and block 12 gets posted tomorrow.

So this leaves my list at the beginning of December looking like this:
Christmas cards (supplies purchased, not yet done)
5x sewing kits (done!)
1x apron for my aunt (not done yet)

10x personalized ornaments for family members (done!)
1x table runner for my stepmom (fabric bought, not done yet)
1x potholders/dishtowel for my aunt (fabric bought, not done yet)
1x finish a WIP quilt for my sister (in the process of being hand quilted)
2x iPad cases for the husband and my sister's BF (fabric bought, not done yet)
1x wallet for my dad (fabric bought, not done yet)
1x finish the WIP Christmas quilt I'm making my MIL (not done yet)
Various felt coffee cuffs for last minute gifts (In progress, 2 made)
and 1x undetermined big gift for my mom (not done yet)

Things I want to make for my home include:
Various holiday ornaments (done)
2x table runners (not done yet)
1x Wonky houses tree skirt (not done yet)
1x finish the 12 Days of Christmas Sampler quilt I'm making myself (2/3 done)

And things I'm making for other people include:
3x dolls for Juliana and Alison (fabric cut, assembling today)
1x doll for Corrina (fabric cut, assembling today)
Various felt coffee cuffs for Sarah (4 completed)
4x Christmas stockings for Erin (cancelled)
2x Christmas stockings for Mary (cancelled)

Ouch.  I don't think I like looking at this list like that.  I much prefer seeing the list of everything that's completed.

Happy Sewing everyone!!!


What I have been doing.

Hi all

As I write this the clock has turned and it is now the 1st December!!  I still have a way to go to get everything finished before the 25th and I wish now I had started on the 1st October..... The Christmas Challenge has been great and a real motivation for me.

Have attached a photo of what I have been doing this past week and as you can see I am still not finished the Heirloom Christmas Tree.  I am now down to the finishing touches sewing with gold and silver thread plus the beading but once I have finished the tree I will do another post and show you the finished project which I know I am going to love.

Till next time  - now back to my embroidery.

Wishing you all a wonderful 24 days leading up to Christmas.  It has been great sharing with you all.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


                                 Deadline Met!!!!Never thought it would happen.....

 These were no on my original list,I had not realised I had never made our Kate a pillow bag so I have done one for her, I would loved to have put more work into it but it is as good as I could do with the time.I think she will love this.
 Stephen our son in law's pillow bag,it will probably never be used but I wanted him to have the same as all the other members of the family.
And yet another cake!!!!!!!! I saw this recipe and made it for our treasures girls Christmas party,It smells great,but I think I was a bit generous with the nuts lol....

I have loved this challenge and it really kept me on track,I hope we do it next year.Although I ended up doing much more than planned I am thrilled that I have finished,cleaned up my sewing area, and packed everything away ready for a busy month at work and now stress free.
I just have my parcels to post off tomorrow and my overseas cards,and my Christmas cards to write out,I can do this in the evenings.
I can't wait to see some of the great things finished,I thank those girls with fabulous ideas that sent me off track making more than I had planned! I think you are all wonderful.

Week 4 - Pomona's update (and giveaway)

As you can imagine, the gammy hand has brought me to a grinding halt on the making front, and so I have decided to buy handmade instead, and support other bloggers instead.

I couldn't make any Ruched Happy Bags or Hexicases, but bought some from Amy at During Quiet Time who designed the patterns for these. She has very kindly given me two to give away - the details are on my blog here if you would like to join in.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heading to the finish line? [Sophie]

Well, I thought I was heading to the finish line but I've realized that my finish line keeps moving.  I'm stoked that  a little pile of parcels is growing on top of my bookshelf ready for posting tomorrow.  I've just got one last little present to make for my mum.... I was thinking of giving her a little Ruched Happy Bag a la Amy Friend like I'm giving my sister but then I thought I might do something different for  her instead.  So.... I'm thinking a cushion for Mum and a brooch which is superquick to whip up.

In the meantime though... here's what I've ended up doing for Dad this afternoon...
Its not perfect but I think Dad will like it and it'll come in handy.  He loves to tinker around the house and is well into his gardening.  I made it from upholstery fabric and made it as boyish as I could.  A hard job for me as we are 4:1 on the girl:boy ratio in this household!  Pink and frilly comes a bit too easily.

I'm just highly relieved that my sewing machine held out and did the zigzags ok!

My initial finish line was 1 Dec, to have done:

  1. 2 baby quilts - CHECK
  2. Market skirt - CHECK
and added later
  1. gardening tool belt - CHECK
  2. Ruched Happy Purse - CHECK
  3. Present for Mum - HALFWAY THERE.
  4. Christmas cards to send to rellos abroad - CHECK.
Next deadlines after after posting all the overseas presents will be
4 Dec - finishing the bespoke gifts a friend has ordered.
7 Dec - getting the girls' classmates marshmallow reindeer and cards out.
15 Dec - friends and neighbours gifts (this will be the lemon butter /fudge/toffee/wreaths)
23 Dec - making new pjs for the girls and wrapping them up with a book to be read on Christmas Eve!

Whoopwhoop! The fun just doesn't end :)

Is this week Four?? Sandra update and a fractured ankle

hmmmm woooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh where has this month gone??
Apologies now, I have no photos to post, I haven't done much this week as still battling the after affects of the shared chest infection.
I just have to share we have had a fairly turbulent year here at Mason Central, and the icing on the cake happened yesterday lunchtime when Master 10 jumped down some steps at school and "Heard a crack Mum" solidered on at school, came home put his feet up for the rest of the evening.
Today it was Dr, Radiology, Emergency Dr's and wouldn't you know it A Plaster Cast!!! with Orthopaedic review tomorrow. aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway onto the final list, here it is in it's entirity:

1 Card writing compendium DONE
2 Covered notebook done with my Bind-it-all DONE
3 Christmas table runner (My first go at patchwork in 16 years eeeekkk) DONE
4 Altered papermache letters spelling out something christmassy eg NOEL DONE
5 Christmas cake, fruit has been soaking in Sherry and Peach Schnapes for ummm a good couple of weeks LOL DONE
6 Altered CD cases turned into Calenders DONE, ALTHOUGH MAY DO ANOTHER
7 Pillow boxes for the Dr's gift baskets at work DONE AND NOW FILLED
8 Altered tins for gift cards DONE

And adding to the list, Giftie for a friend. We decided since we seem to have missed out on pressie swaps we will do our own!!! DONE

**WEEK 2 ADD, Christmas cards,
Alter a jar and fill with yummies for Dad,

So all in all, not so bad. Will continue to potter on with other bits and pieces, but I am very pleased with what I have managed to achieve

Season's greetings to you all, may you receive plenty of what you wish for and little of what you don't

Christmas List Complete! (Fay)

I have finished everything that I intended to this November with the last thing to be finished being my advent calendar. For a while there I thought I'd left it too late and that I wasn't going to get it done in time!

It's loaded up with little chocolates and hung well out of reach of grasping fingers. Overall I'm happy with it even though it was a bit of a rush towards the end and I don't work well under pressure.

I spent quite a few nights in front of the TV perfecting my chain stitch ....

One Down 2 to go ( Shez )

I have finished the littlest grand-daughters laundry bag,now only another 2 to go.I am surprised how much work is in these bags.Better go and get back to some more sewing.
cheers Shez

Round up {Stephanie from Toastie studio}

Well today was my deadline as I had to get all my gifts in the post so they will arrive with my family in time.
Now the big question, did I complete everything on my Christmas sewing list?

This weekend was crazy, but I managed it! Here is a round up of everything I made.
1 Sponge Bob cushion

1 Gruffallo cushion

2 Christmas stockings, filled with sweets

2 Fabric storage baskets filled with sweets

1 Baby quilt for a soon to arrive niece

6 shopping bag holders in different colours for family members

And now it is all wrapped up and in the post to my family in time for Christmas. I can have a little relax now until I start my Christmas Tutorial Advent Calendar...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 3 (Meg)

Jars of lollies for the neighbours... done.

One bike basket almost done. 

 Labels cut out (I have a circle punch) and glued onto brown paper.

 One play cloth booklet printed, just needs to be bound somehow.  Have been procrastinating about that as I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  Any suggestions?  It's printed on 6x4 cards.

In case anyone is interested here are the pages I made...

A Couple of things..Carole

The naughty thing about this challenge is you see other peoples great ideas,go off track and just have to make them,I have found that several times...the latest was a blog about boys little bags ,as I had made some for our girls I thought these were great so I made 4 for our boys, I put boys things in them like bubble bath and a hair product as brush etc and thought afterwards they could sit them on their bedside tables to hold their DS's and ipods ,earphones etc.
I have also put together and wrapped the volunteers gifts so they look nice and made yet another pudding!Mum decided that her baby brother 85 and almost blind and his sweet wife talked of missing being able to make one so it will go in the post today.
This week I have to make 2 pillow bags one for daughter and one for her thats this week,work is getting so hectic I barely have tome to scratch,but the machine is all set up and each time I have a few moments I will be at it! lol.

                                                            Volunteers little pressies
                                                      It's a wrap all done,another job finished.....
The boys bags,the big boys have soldier fabric as the lining and the little ones have pirate skull theme as the both adore Jack Sparrow!.

Pomona's week 3 - oh dear!

I know I am very late reporting in, but put it down to circumstances beyond my control. My hand has given up the ghost and so I am having to retire injured from the handmade fray.

There is more about my disasters here, but all is not lost. There are lots of lovely crafters out there with jolly nice shops, and so rather than resort to present buying from global corporations who can do without my custom, I am going to buy handmade instead.

And there's always next year, is there not?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week 3 - Sandra

Hmmmmm nope nothing happened, although big thank you to Master 13 for sharing your cold which turned into a chest infection :-(
Roll on Week 4

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 3 [Sophie]

 Loving making these purses which weren't on my original list but I spotted on someone else's list... Pomona maybe?  Or Jenny?  I can't remember now.  Its from the Amy Friend pattern on the During Quiet Time Blog and shop.  Love them, got to make more.

Revised Christmas Checklist:

2 baby quilts- One and a half done.

1 market skirt - done but needs redoing as its too big.

Lemon butter - totally rethinking this. I think its going to be too much.

Fudge/Toffee - putting it off til December.  Still haven't worked out how many of these I need/want to do.

2 Clutch Purses - for my mum and sister - done four but have given one for a birthday present and will sell the extra ones online.

Gardeners belt - for Dad, this one is on my wishlist.  I don't know if I'll manage to get it done.  Need to have something in reserve if I don't by 1 Dec.  Eek, that's next week.

45 Marshmallow reindeer - supplies being collated.

Christmas photo and e-letter - still to write and take.

Christmas blog giveaway - this is on my wishlist but I don't know if I'll be organized enough to do it.  Ideally it needs to be in a blog post by the 1st Dec so I can post by the 7th or so.

Summer clothes - I want to get some skirts, tops and dresses done for the girls for the Christmas holidays and the upcoming hot weather so am including them in my Christmas challenge - have done one dress for Little Bun and a skirt which is slightly too big.

Bespoke Christmas samples - a friend was talking about ordering Christmas presents - handtowels etc - from me so I have managed to get a couple of bags of samples including Pikalily's earrings she's been making, cushions, quilt, clutch purse etc from my stash.  We'll see if she want to order any!

My list is getting scarily longer and time is getting shorter.  Must go and sew!

My List Updated

Christmas lemon cordial and Tuti Fruiti Cordial.(done)
A pillow bag for Michael.(done)

6 pairs of boxer shorts for the grandchildren(had half made 6 pairs last week when a friend realised the pattern she gave me was wrong!! lesson never borrow a pattern use the one I was going to,fabrics not wasted my friend and I salvaged them for her very small grandchildren ,lol)(done 10 pairs)

6 pillow cases for the grandchildren with names embroidered and embellishments.( maybe one each for the parents if time allows lol)(childrens done)

2 peg bags as featured in the Woman Day some weeks ago(made 6 all together 4 to help a friend having a stall)

Hand towels with suffolk puff flower pots for friends.(done 6)

2 larger draw string bags for Alex and Michael for the beach with board wax and sunscreen to be carried in and a towel.(done made 3 one for Stephen too,although he will probably never use it he will not be left out.)

4 smaller ones for the boys to take their caps and sunscreen in and whatever else they need to the beach.(done, made one ech for the little girls and the 2 mummies too)

1 outfit for George out of the scateboard fabric I bought for the boys bags(George is a girl but after thinking he was a boy for over 3 years I cannot see George in roses lol).(done)

2 Christmas outfits for George the cockatoo.(done)

A Xmas swap pressie(done) and posted.

Also done are 3 Christmas puddings now( we did another one yesterday so after Christmas the families can take half home each as great Nana pudd is so delish)
2 Christmas cakes.

        New List of What has to be done.

Wrap together 14 gifts for our Treasures Volunteers,I have purchased their thank you gifts have to do them up now.

Put together 5 friends gifts into the lovely little bucket things I bought.

put together the childrens surf sets and the little girls bags.

make the boys a camaflage bag for the 4 boys( saw these on another Christmas challenge blog,got the fabric,it is a wonderful idea I have to look back through and see where I stole it from lol.
make Stephen a pillow bag  as he is the only one without one now.

Send off my summer swap parcel.
It gets very stressful when we write it down but at the same time so satisfying to have it finished and cross them off.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nearly 3 finishes (Shez)

I have just finished putting the applique on my grand-daughters laundry bags now for the big job of stitching them on,lol,every step is closer to the finish,lol. They say fresh as a daisy not !
cheers shez

Week Three Update { Stacey }

 14 x Tissue Holders
 4 x Christmas Tea towels
  7 x Shopping Bags

My Christmas Challenge List:  

14 x Tissue Holders - Done 
4 x Christmas Tea Towels - Done 
10 x Shopping Bags - Three bags to go 
2 x Quilt (from scratch) - One top done 
3 x Quilt (finish off) - Two ready for binding
1 x Shabby Chic Cushion - Not started 
2 x Frilly washing up gloves - Not started 
7 x Peg Pinny Aprons  - Not started 
4 x Dress / Tops - Not started

Oh boy I have tried so hard to get lots done, but it looks pretty pathetic when I look at my original list! I think a lot of things on my list are not going to happen. I have also been busy sewing up kids clothes for markets and I am absolutely shattered. One week left of November - come on guys lets make it count! I'm feeling inspired to go right now and get something else off my list!