Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Week One, the Christmas challenge begins

Hmmmm so where do I start, we have had a slight spanner thrown into the works, but that's OK as we say CARRY ON!!

Righto the list
1 Card writing compendium
2 Covered notebook done with my Bind-it-all
3 Christmas table runner (My first go at patchwork in 16 years eeeekkk)
4 Altered papermache letters spelling out something christmassy eg NOEL
5 Christmas cake, fruit has been soaking in Sherry and Peach Schnapes for ummm a good couple of weeks LOL
6 Altered CD cases turned into Calenders
7 Pillow boxes for the Dr's gift baskets at work
8 Altered tins for gift cards

Of course there will be the usual baking as well, but for now these are the things I want to get sorted as most are gifts
What does your list look like?

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