Friday, November 18, 2011

Week Two {Stephanie from Toastie Studio}

ARGH!! My Christmas sewing keeps getting side tracked!! I did at least make a start on gifts.
I made two fabric boxes from camouflage fabric, and filled them with a selection of dutch chocolates and sweets.

Later today I am cutting out and sewing two stockings for my nephews which I will also be filling with dutch candy.
And I am still madly searching for ideas on what to make for the adults and need to find something fast as time is running out!! 2 weeks left till I need to send it all off!!


  1. Your camoflage bags are great!!I think I may copy you for my grandsons,they are similar to my little ones I made for my grand daughters,I put a hairbrush etc in them..these are wonderful.

  2. very nice Stephanie

  3. Great camo bags! Love it! You've reminded me that I was going to make some stockings too this year! Hmmmmm...