Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stacey's Week One Update

I only started working on my list yesterday, and I only started because I knew I had to answer to you guys today. I thought that it would be a really bad look to not make anything when I instigated the challenge!
I made this quilt top and I managed to wad, back and quilt, two of my quilts on my list that needed completing. So thank you ladies for joining me on this challenge, without you I wouldn't have started my Christmas crafting!


  1. Great job, we all just need to do what we can, there is no set rule, I know next week will be a bit of a bummer for me lol...

  2. well done it looks great i love the fabrics,each step is 1 step closer.

  3. I think the Challenge is such a good idea - it certainly made me get my act together! And you have done pretty well to get so much done.

    Pomona x

  4. Yes the Challenge is a great motivator but I am also starting to get side tracked as I have added some new projects from reading everyone's lists!!!!