Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Week One} A whole lot of nothing...

I have failed this week.  I had massive plans to get a few things ticked off of the list.

Instead I managed caring for a little boy that required carrying from room to room and LOTS of cuddles.  He was then kind enough to share his germs and his grizzles onto me and I am now tending to a sinus infection to end all infections (Que headaches, pain behind the eyes and nasal pain)

So I have spent a good part of the week in bed.  I have managed to get a little crochet done.  A few more rounds on the baby blanket that I am working on.  This is not a Christmas gift, but it does have a before Christmas deadline so thought that I would share it anyway (and makes me feel a little better that I have done something crafty this week)

This morning I woke up and in a drug induced haze started one of the little purses that I am going to make for Amelia to gift to her buddies.  These will not take long as I have managed to finish half in about 30 minutes.

Off to see what you have all been up to and blow my nose.  Until next week.
Happy Crafting


  1. You have not failed you have done a wonderful job at being a MUm so much so that you shared the bug!You will catch up,heaps of time yet..hope you are all well soon xx

  2. Oh no - poor you! You have not failed - you were sick! And crochet is much more time consuming than sewing. I hope your better soon.

  3. hope you're feeling better soon - can't wait to see the finished purses

  4. yes hope you are feeling better soon,each step is a step closer Kylie,take care.

  5. Mummy's never do nothing. We are busy, active educating important people.
    Hugs, and roll on week 2

  6. Considering that you and yours haven't been well, I think you have done really well in making anything! Hope next week is a better one for you.

    Pomona x