Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mini-quilt update

Well, the stripey mini-quilt got a bit boring so I've cut it up and stepped out of the boat to do my first couple of more geometricky quilt designs.  Both are around 1m x 1m and were quite easy to do.  Loving the white op shop sheet that makes a frame for the colours and stops them being too overpowering.

I've also been able to buy lollypop sticks, ribbon and cello bags in prep for the kids' classmate gifts which I'm hoping to have done in and handed out by the end of the first week of December.  We're going to make the reindeer in the top left of this image... marshmallows dipped in chocolate!  Around 40-50 of them - two classes worth!

I'm still dithering about what I should make for neighbours/two teachers/friends and who I should make for!  Ideally I'd love to make something for everyone but realistically I know I can't!

I think I might need to do some larger gifts and some smaller 'token gifts'.  Also I really want to download that clutch purse pattern someone else here recommended.  I think it would be fabulous for my mum and sister in gorgeous gold silky fabric.  I think though that those might be on my If I Have Time List.

I'm so impressed with all your makings - you blow me away!


  1. The quilts look great. I really like those reindeer (dont look kylie... YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME)
    Looking forward to seeing your version.

  2. Fabulous mini quilts! Love the marshmallow reindeer.

  3. I have made some little purses (on my blog today) which I think are also good little presents - the link is there too. You are doing very well - the quilts look great!

    Pomona x

  4. Loving what you did to the first quilt. And the second quilt looks fantastic too, it looks like it was alot of work with that design.
    I think you should make something for everyone you know :) Just joking. But what about tissue holders for your token gifts, super easy and quick, and I have a tutorial on my blog.

  5. Yes, I was eyeing up those little purses Pomona and wondering if I could fit some in!!! Looking forward to seeing your tissue holders Stacey, just catching up on my blog reading now!! Thanks Fay and Kylie!