Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 3 [Sophie]

 Loving making these purses which weren't on my original list but I spotted on someone else's list... Pomona maybe?  Or Jenny?  I can't remember now.  Its from the Amy Friend pattern on the During Quiet Time Blog and shop.  Love them, got to make more.

Revised Christmas Checklist:

2 baby quilts- One and a half done.

1 market skirt - done but needs redoing as its too big.

Lemon butter - totally rethinking this. I think its going to be too much.

Fudge/Toffee - putting it off til December.  Still haven't worked out how many of these I need/want to do.

2 Clutch Purses - for my mum and sister - done four but have given one for a birthday present and will sell the extra ones online.

Gardeners belt - for Dad, this one is on my wishlist.  I don't know if I'll manage to get it done.  Need to have something in reserve if I don't by 1 Dec.  Eek, that's next week.

45 Marshmallow reindeer - supplies being collated.

Christmas photo and e-letter - still to write and take.

Christmas blog giveaway - this is on my wishlist but I don't know if I'll be organized enough to do it.  Ideally it needs to be in a blog post by the 1st Dec so I can post by the 7th or so.

Summer clothes - I want to get some skirts, tops and dresses done for the girls for the Christmas holidays and the upcoming hot weather so am including them in my Christmas challenge - have done one dress for Little Bun and a skirt which is slightly too big.

Bespoke Christmas samples - a friend was talking about ordering Christmas presents - handtowels etc - from me so I have managed to get a couple of bags of samples including Pikalily's earrings she's been making, cushions, quilt, clutch purse etc from my stash.  We'll see if she want to order any!

My list is getting scarily longer and time is getting shorter.  Must go and sew!


  1. It might well have been my list - I have made a couple of those ruched zippy bags, too. Amy's pattern is such a good one - so easy to follow, with such a pretty result.

    You seem to be making good progress with the challenge, anyway!

    Pomona x

  2. Wow, everything is lovely! I like the sound of the gardeners belt..

  3. Looking good! Your quilt is really lovely. And I love those purses!

  4. @Mel, yes, I'm still thinking that one through, its the back fastening bit that has got me mentally stuck. Is an apron style bow too girly?

    Thanks Fy, Pomona and Stacey