Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 4 Update: Stephanie of Sewing By Stephanie

Sadly this is another update sans photos.  I've been so busy sewing I just haven't taken the time to stop and take any.  My plan is to take all my photos at once once everything is made.  We'll see how that one works out.

In the past two weeks (since I missed updating last week) I:
-finished the quilt top on the quilt for my sister, sandwiched it, and have hand quilted 6 of the 16 blocks.
-made the last 4 sewing kits on my list, all I need to do is sew down the binding
-finished my skirt from the sew-a-long
-made 6 felt coffee cuffs
-cut fabric for 5 custom dolls, which I'm in the process of assembling

I've also fallen behind on the quilt blocks for the 12 Days of Christmas Quilt along.  I've only completed the first 8 blocks and block 12 gets posted tomorrow.

So this leaves my list at the beginning of December looking like this:
Christmas cards (supplies purchased, not yet done)
5x sewing kits (done!)
1x apron for my aunt (not done yet)

10x personalized ornaments for family members (done!)
1x table runner for my stepmom (fabric bought, not done yet)
1x potholders/dishtowel for my aunt (fabric bought, not done yet)
1x finish a WIP quilt for my sister (in the process of being hand quilted)
2x iPad cases for the husband and my sister's BF (fabric bought, not done yet)
1x wallet for my dad (fabric bought, not done yet)
1x finish the WIP Christmas quilt I'm making my MIL (not done yet)
Various felt coffee cuffs for last minute gifts (In progress, 2 made)
and 1x undetermined big gift for my mom (not done yet)

Things I want to make for my home include:
Various holiday ornaments (done)
2x table runners (not done yet)
1x Wonky houses tree skirt (not done yet)
1x finish the 12 Days of Christmas Sampler quilt I'm making myself (2/3 done)

And things I'm making for other people include:
3x dolls for Juliana and Alison (fabric cut, assembling today)
1x doll for Corrina (fabric cut, assembling today)
Various felt coffee cuffs for Sarah (4 completed)
4x Christmas stockings for Erin (cancelled)
2x Christmas stockings for Mary (cancelled)

Ouch.  I don't think I like looking at this list like that.  I much prefer seeing the list of everything that's completed.

Happy Sewing everyone!!!


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