Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Welcome To The Christmas Challenge Blog

The idea of this blog is for you to use it to post whatever you want, whenever you want, about your Christmas Challenge progress. It’s also for your Tuesday debrief should you wish your creations to remain a secret from friends and family that may read your blog. Meg mentioned that the people who read her blog will be the ones she is making gifts for, so she came up with this brilliant idea to make a blog that everyone can contribute to!


  1. Just a quick question - I notice that there is a CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE TEAM plus there is a section FOLLOWERS with three members - this is the first time that I have joined a group and I was wondering if I should also become a Follower as well as being part of the Challenge Team. Could someone please help me and explain the difference - I will catch on promise!!!!!!

  2. Hi Oriel,
    The Christmas Challenge Team comes up with your name automatically when you accepted the link to be able to access the blog.
    The followers section is just for people that want to see if there have been any new posts on the blog via their dashboard.
    I hope that makes sense to you.

  3. Thanks Stacey. I am slowly getting used to this technology.
    Cheers Oriel